BlackMutu Blog is a platform for audio as well as video sharing and we respect other peoples copyright, Please note: This page provides some basic information about copyright. However, nothing on this page constitutes legal advice please do not treat it as legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice. Please consult a suitably qualified lawyer on any matters related to copyright.
What is copyright?
Copyright is the term used to describe a number of legal rights that exist in original literary, musical, dramatic or artistic works, and in audio track recordings, films, broadcasts and other creative works. Under copyright laws, these rights are exclusive to the copyright owner, and enable the copyright owner to control how their work is used and to prevent unauthorized use. Originally, copyright laws allowed the creator of a work to prevent that work from being copied, but copyright laws have gradually been extended over time, and now allow copyright owners to prevent and control things like adaptation or public performance of the copyright work, inclusion of the work in a broadcast, or distribution of the work both physically and on the Internet.
Because these rights are exclusive to the copyright owner, anyone wanting to do any of these things need the permission of the copyright owner. Copyright can exist in all sorts of things – for example, music, lyrics, photographs, artwork, books, speeches, TV programs and movies. Also, what might appear to be a single work can include several different copyrights owned by various different people. For example, a music track by a signed artist will often include separate copyrights in the composition, the lyrics, and the audio track recording. Copyright in the music and lyrics will usually be owned by the artist or music publishing company, and copyright in the audio track recording will usually be owned by the artist’s record label. Use of that track, including any adaptation of the track or any uploading or sharing over the Internet, will require the permission of all of these copyright owners, either directly or through their representatives (for example, through a collecting society or performing rights organization).
What is copyright infringement, and how can we avoid it?
Because the rights afforded by copyright law are exclusive to the copyright owner(s), we will infringe copyright if we do any of those things without the permission of the copyright owner(s) – for example, if we copy or adapt a copyright work, or make it available on the Internet without the permission of the owner(s). The best way we avoid copyright infringement is to ensure that we all share the songs which gets sharing permission from the owner(s) and their representatives. If we intend to use any part of a copyright work in reliance on any of the statutory exceptions, we always seek legal advice first. If we have any doubt regarding the extent of the rights in any audio tracks, we consult with suitably qualified lawyer/representatives/owners before sharing anything in this website.
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