Take your time and listen to the song titled 'ICE COLD' by XOS featuring REVL TVLK (Real Talk), this single is a 107BPM song in the Rap/Hip-hop genre. It has two verses, a great hook, and a catchy melody with 808 dominant drums fitting in perfectly with today’s trending vibe in its popular genre. THE ARTISTS ANNOUNCE THAT ALL STREAMING PROCEEDS FROM ALL MAJOR MUSIC/AUDIO STREAMING PLATFORMS (including Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music) WILL BE DONATED TO A FAMILY THAT HAS SUFFERED A LOSS DUE TO COVID-19 EVERY WEEK FOR ALL OF 2020.

The inspiration behind the song’s makeup began in the freezing winter months of New York City when the producer, Christos “XOS” Angelidis, found his sound. “It just sounded like winter to me. The high notes sound like melting water landing on a patch of ice.” Soon after, XOS contracted Covid-19 and was forced to stay home from work and focus on recovery and quarantining.

The artists are New York City natives—the U.S. epicenter for the Covid-19 outbreak—and both have experienced firsthand the tragic loss and suffering brought on by the pandemic. XOS lost four co-workers and his brother-in-law’s brother to the devastating virus. “That’s when we decided on a great way to give back to our aching communities: by agreeing to donate the proceeds of our collective streams to families that have lost a member.” 
The duo will be picking one GoFundMe page every week for the remainder of 2020 specifically associated with a Covid-19 casualty to help a family with some cash in a time of need. The song ‘Ice Cold’ will officially premiere on YouTube on Friday, June 19th at 3pm EST and will be available for listening and download on all major platforms. This is XOS’s first official record release. He previously collaborated with Shatter Lab to co-produce three EDM records. REVL TVLK (Real Talk) is the star of the record as he wrote the lyrics and composed the top-line melody for the vocals. Celebrated in the underground rap community, he has a highly anticipated album on the way. Revl Tvlk’s catalogue has accumulated over a million independent world-wide digital streams and his song, ‘Mamba,’ was recently placed with ABC’s show ‘For Life.’ 

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