VLCAM's new song "Extra Money" touches the current problem of lack of means for living, social inequality of people, as well as the fact that everything is tied to money.

Original instrumental track was firstly recorded in 2012 and was remade several times afterwards. The instrumental drawn attention from several fellow DJs and new co-writer and lyricist Andrea.
Andrea met Vlad on the Internet the same year. After listening to the track, he immediately suggested writing a text, singing a draft melody of a song as it was technically hardly possible to do on a household microphone, being located in different countries and even different parts of the world, being people doing the same thing (music), but in different ways. Andrea was a teenager in Asian country and Vlad was a household producer/DJ located in Moscow at that time. However, there were something similar: relations in the family were difficult and musical interest were not welcomed as this could not bring any money, only as a hobby. Then fate decided that they would never meet.
A few years later, Vlad decided to produce a new interpretation of the track and make it as a finished track, finding a session vocalist to reproduce Andrea's manner of singing and voice.
The dense beat and bass, as well as the combination of several synths and percussion layers create an excellent combination of catchy hook and melody. Sweet vocals include a mixture of lyrical motifs and reflections on how different combinations of cultures, sounds and melodies can give a pleasant House Dance Electro vibe, with that sound of Pop.
Listen to the new Extra Money single and dance!

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