Like a beacon for black excellence and empowerment, John Que drops the jam-packed “BLACK MONEY” project. Running 15 tracks long, sandwiched between two, thought-inspiring skits from comedian, Michael Che, “BLACK MONEY” is truly a concept album at heart. 
It pulls a plethora of talented, African-American artists into orbit, by way of its star-striking features (Mr Hussell Hard, LG, Nikieta and Honey Brown); maintains its divinity with a reference to “black” in each and every song title (“Black Out”, “Black Jesus”. “Black Lives Matter”, “Black To The Future”); and accelerates through a range of African American musicality, from Soul and Gospel, to the grimiest Boom-Bap. And not a single element of that trinity is disappointed by John Que’s performance. 
Coasting a theme of impactful basslines, which pulsate throughout the entirety of “BLACK MONEY”, John Que is never in a shortage of conscious commentary and mind-blowing bars. No wonder why this Mobile, Atlanta emcee is coined the “Freestyle King” of the underground. 
He is relentless with his deliverance of rhymes; opting on each song to either highlight the state of blacks in America, or uplift his brothers and sisters with matchless, lyrical empowerment. Such makes John Que a poignant force on the microphone, and “BLACK MONEY” an already timeless, Hip-Hop artifact of the decade. For those of us who still value Black History Month, and eagerly awaited its arrival, this is the quintessential soundtrack for our celebration; and John Que is the quintessential artist to crown.

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