In Spring 2019 the Berlin music producer Jörg Sieghart got quite a surprising text message from his old school mate: all of sudden he had a „musical inspiration“ and needed professional opinion and assistance... He whistled the melody, that was stuck in his head all that morning, into his smartphone and sent it to his friend in Berlin. The music producer was quite astonished - he could not remember any musical activities of his friend except saxophone play long time ago... All the more he was amazed listening to the catchy melody whistled by his friend...

The challenge was to put all the melody fragments together as the mobile connection was broken a couple of times and that is why J.S finally got several different parts of the melody. He had to listen to the parts mindfully because his friend intuitively started to whistle and hum the melody anew, and as - at that point - he was not a well-trained singer the whistled fragments varied tonally.
A frantical communication via smartphone started. It had to be confirmed if the right tones were meant (J. S. recorded various samples on an electric piano). Finally the vocal line and a catchy chorus line were completed. J.S had never experienced such a way of composing a song before. Both friends worked together on some small changes in the melody and the producer contributed some additional tones. After the consultation with his friend (who from now on decided to bear the pseudonym "Gliffo“ they agreed on a pop/rock composition for this song.
Gliffo`s first single "Get The Sun In Your Head“ received considerable attention. Both the viewer and listener numbers on YouTube and on Spotify are substantial. Therefore, it is not suprising that the remixers "Mel Gold“ und „JK“ got in touch with Gliffo`s producer and offered to make further remixes (additionally to the one made by Gliffo`s producer). These remixes are to be released soon and serve the DJ promotion.
On 20th September Gliffo`s second single "Island of Tears“ was released. It is a reggae song with rock elements and the impressive story about the divers`s watches which were tested - partially under severe conditions - in the Venetian harbour. In Autumn 2019 further single "I do it my way“ was released. This single was recorded with cooperation of Berlin Concert Hall string players group. Another single is also in the pipeline: a farewell song "Saide“ with the great singer Benny Hiller (4 octave voice) who sings the falsetto voice in the song. There are going to be lots of suprises for Gliffo`s fans..
Now you know how it all started, Gliffo is among artists to watch in 2020 because of the music he makes. He Brings The World Nothing But Good Vibes and this has been proven on his latest single "Saide" (Sad song) which maybe the saddest song you ever heard. In the song Saide, Gliffo featuring Benny Hiller. The song is now available in all digital platforms.
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