Lumiere Tales is a neofolk electronic band formed in 2013 in Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe). It’s a project by multi-instrumentalist Ivan Solas (celtic harp, pan flute, piano, guitar). The earliest works were influenced by neoclassical and new-age music. Nowadays Lumiere Tales music is related to genres: world, neofolk, indie, electronic.
In 2013 Lumiere Tales debuts 'Elven Forest' album while in 2014 they releases an EP 'Le Coeur Du Vent' (instruments: celtic harp, electric guitar, voice, electronica).
The new album "Lunarium" is a the third official release was released in December 2019 with the support of Neostatics Sounds. "Lunarium" includes six tracks created in the period 2015-2019. You can find original instrumental music (celtic harp, pan flute, guitar) in compilation with an electronic sound in this new album. "Lunarium" is a blend of ethnic and futuristic vibes.
Every track in the album has its own energy and history. Images of nature. Dreams about fantastic journeys to stars. Back In 2017 the musical short animation "The Fable. Mystery of the harp" was produced by Solas. This film was created on original music by Lumiere Tales. The film took part in International Film Festivals in Europe. Lumiere Tales band makes live performances in cooperation with a light show (full-dome projection in the Planetarium, music show with the light drawing from the Theater Dom Solntsa, etc). 
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