TheWolfPrinceKane, an electronic artist from Lancaster, Pennsylvania,  explores the depths of his relationship for inspiration, and no matter how deep he descends he still goes straight for the heart. His new single “It Never Ends” wanders the farthest corners of the electronic universe, but he rarely lingers there for long, choosing instead to incorporate odd samples, ambient sounds, glitchy noise and mellow emo vibes into his stoney, spacey jam.
The best way to describe the sound is that it’s like if you combined emo vocals with Super Nintendo style “chiptune” synths and a mellow backbeat. It works quite well, actually. The song It Never Ends is super catchy and well written. The lyrics largely consist of chronicling the mundane daily struggle of life and lamenting the lack of money. Yet, this jam is strangely uplifting. The synth tones are really nice and could probably stand on their own as an instrumental, but this artist does have the perfect voice for this style of music. TheWolfPrinceKane may not expend a lot of energy on hyping himself up or carefully crafting an image through tedious marketing material, but when it comes to quality music, he does deliver.
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