Musician, spiritual leader, author and entrepreneur Darrell Kelley has released a steady stream of recordings over the past year. Now he is back, and on the road again. This time it’s not just to promote his latest radio single, “Because of You” (Viral Records), it’s also to raise awareness about the rising levels of gun violence that’s plaguing all people in the USA.
On an average day in the USA 96 people die from gun violence. Thoughts and prayers and apologies may be enough for some, but for Darrell Kelley, it's not. "Because Of You" calls out the NRA for their shift from being a sportsman's organization to the political lobbying powerhouse it's become in our country that facilitates the flow of guns out into our streets. 
With the release of this song his Viral Records team is embarking on a nationwide bus tour that will stop at the locations where mass shootings have taken place to circulate a petition to stop the NRA, and get the word out that more than just thoughts, prayers and apologies are needed to stop this scourge enabling the murder of our people.
The message behind Darrell Kelley's music inspires others, touches hearts, feeds the souls, and influences lives for the better.

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