Take your 3 minutes, 16 seconds and  listen to Ego by JETBangerz. In case you don't know, JETBangerz is the next big artist out of Atlanta to the world. Since he started music he never look back always forward to his purpose in his music career. 
The song 'Ego' was rapped and produced by JETBangerz himself. Hell yeah! Didn't I told you JETBangerz is a producer?! Yes, he is a producer also, and one of the songs he produced is 'Ego'.
The song Ego by JETBangerz is now available in all digital platforms. You can now stream / listen and download Ego by JETBangerz on Spotify, Apple music, Soundcloud, Youtube, iTunes, Tidal and all other platforms! 

Get close to JETBangerz by following him on social networks via:
Twitter @JETBangerz
Instagram @JETBangerz
YouTube @JETBangerz
Apple music: JETBangerz
Spotify: JETBangerz

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