Music Artist and Poet, Benson Adelegan, was born in North London in 1987. Known by his followers as K Buzz, he is of Nigerian heritage, and has been perfecting his talents in music and poetry since his early childhood. Emerging from the Buzzing sounds of Afrobeats, RnB and Hip-Hop, K Buzz creates a unique fusion of sounds. While growing up, he was a fan of Michael Jackson, Biggie, Fela Kuti, Nas, 2pac, Jay Z and artists of the Motown era. Following their influence, and wanting to be just as successful, K Buzz joined his church's choir and remained a part of it all throughout his youth. 
As he got older and his skills in singing began to strengthen by the year inspired by some of the worlds biggest artists, he followed his parents stern encouragement to stay focused on his education. After completing high school, and still possessing his passion for music, he went on to graduate from Kingston University where he earned a Bachelors of Engineering degree.
Before devoting himself completely to music, K Buzz was committed to his other talent for writing poetry. Working hard to one day be a famous poet, he was eventually able to write over 200 poems. Although his potential in this area shined brightly, music remained a constant on his mind and heart. Now living in Essex, he continues to use his love for poetry, his own personal challenges and inner most thoughts, past and present, as inspirations for creating music. Whether it is just an idea or a real life circumstance, he makes for certain that his pieces have worth, and most importantly, meaning. 
His ability to express values such as family, love and integrity through his music, is a blessing that he will always be grateful for. It has allowed him the opportunity to build relationships with his listeners and other artists, as well as become a part of numerous special projects. One of his own most prized projects was his first EP, Power Of Love which was released in 2008. With many more EPs to come, K Buzz plans to continue his music, while touring around the world and crafting songs that stand the test of time. 

Above it all, and with a never ending resilience, he hopes his unique, melodic creativity will one day allow him the opportunity to serve as the UK's biggest fusion artist. Ready to take his career to the next level, K Buzz wants his music to spread throughout the globe, resonating positive vibes and creating lifelong memories for fans, new and old.
Take your time to listen and download 'HennyTing Goes' by K Buzz featuring Zlatan. Drop your thoughts about the song below on a comment section! Enjoy!!

Stream / download 'Hennyting' by K Buzz > HERE <

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