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First a question for you..
Would you like $1 million dollars now, or a penny today, double it tomorrow (get 2 cents), then double that again the third day (get 4 cents), then double that again the 4th day (get 8 cents), and so on for only 30 days?

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If you opted to take $1 million dollars now, you missed out on over $10 million dollars! It's true! Look here at what you would get every day if you started with just a penny and received double every day for 30 days straight: penny

Now imagine if you got 1 visitor to your site today, 2 tomorrow, 4 the next, 8 the next, and so on. If your traffic doubled every day for 30 days you would be looking at over 1,000,000,000 visitors! That's 1 billion! Ok, so how does vTrafficRush work? CLICK HERE 

vTrafficRush is free to join, but first you must visit the 7 sites you see on the home page by clicking the 7 ads. Guaranteed traffic! Once you are a member, you can create your own ad and get your own Viral Ad page for a site you would like to people to visit. Then promote your Viral Ad page and your ad will be seen at the top in the number 1 position. When others join under you, and they create and promote their own Viral Ad page, your ad moves down to the next spot on their Viral Ad page! The more people you show your Viral Ad page to, the more people will join under you, and the more Viral Ad pages your ad is seen on! You start small but you get viral exposure as more and more people join under you!

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