Ying-Ting Luo is an award wining film and game composer from Taiwan. She started studying piano at the age of 4, and added the flute which became her main companion at 8. From an early age, Ying-Ting showed an impressive talent for grasping and interpreting musical content, both technically and emotionally. She pursued a bachelor degree in flute performance in one of the most prestigious schools in Taiwan; Taipei National University of the Arts, where she received many awards in recognition of her excellent playing.

Feeling the need to expand her musical knowledge and explore different genres other than classical, she continued her academic path at Berklee College of Music, where she studied film & video game scoring, as well as taking part in many projects in a variety of styles. Ying-Ting graduated Berklee with honors and received multiple awards for outstanding achievements, which led her to move to New York where she currently resides. Soon after moving, she started working in the film & game scoring industry, composing tailored innovative scores for animations, short films, games and feature films such as: 'Sacachun' (Documentary film made in Ecuador), 'Bobita' (Taiwanese feature film, will be released in the next few months), and 'Foxic Adventure' (An adventure game for mobile platforms (released date: TBD). 

Over the years, Ying-Ting has played with many major artists, such as: Latin grammy award winner Susana Baca, Wang Leehom, Toninho Horta and Joyce Moreno.

EP: Sky Suite

 'Sky Suite' consists of four movements, combining both eastern and western themes that describe the Taiwanese multi-cultural environment. 
The first movement, “Fire of the Sky”,  opens up with a percussive driving force that emulates the existential energy of a group of creatures at their homeland. The sun rises up, providing vitality and lights up the fire of life in each and every one of the living creatures.

The second movement, “Garden of the Sky” portrays the indescribable beauty of the paradisiacal gardens the creatures find on the island using lush melodies, doubled with pleasant flute and vocals. The creatures name them the 'Gardens of The Sky' as an analogy for a sight of heavenly gardens that exist only in the sky.

The third movement, 'Omen of the Sky', exhibits the rise of human beings and the destruction they bring upon the island. A bloody omen appears in the sky and threatens the native creatures' peace.

The fourth movement: 'The Tears of the Sky', shows the land's perspective, providing an intimate and detailed image of the crying sky that covers what used to be a joyful and peaceful land. The raining sky is a metaphor for a mother who cries on her children.

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